Friday, April 13, 2012

The source of the tone.

I get asked pretty often what guitar(s) I play on my recordings.  Well, I build my own guitars.  I have a few that I've purchased, but I started building guitars in 2007 and never stopped.  My main guitar, which was used for all the rhythms on my EP "Prelude to an Apocalypse" is this flying v.
3-piece (maple/bubinga/maple) neck through body construction, 25 inch scale length, with purpleheart stringers, solid mahogany body with a bubinga top.  The small pickguard is bubinga, bordered in teak.  The fretboard is ebony, with abalone dots.  Gold hardware, Wilkinson tremolo.  The single pickup is a Dragonfire Screamer (16.9K), which amazed me with how good it sounded for the price.  When I purchased it, I intended on putting a JB in later, but this pickup sounds so good that I've left it there.  And yeah, I know I have an empty hole in the pickguard.  As I was wiring it, I decided that a tone knob was useless, since I never use it. 

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