Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Sun Rising is out!

27 January is the official release date.  I got sick of being in my musical slump and sat down and refused to leave my computer until the album was done and ready.  It's not perfect of course, but I'm really happy with the final result.  Check it out here:

Black Sun Rising at bandcamp

As with all my music, this one's for charity.  All proceeds from this album will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. 

I've also finished 15 goregrind songs for the Metal Archives' grindcore challenge.  I'm hoping to get around 20-25 songs done, and then I'll release them as a free EP once the challenge is complete.  Just gotta think of a name for the album, and get some album art.  Who knows, maybe I'll finish my black metal EP soon also, and do a split with Enbilulugugal.  But hey, one project at a time.  That's all for now.


  1. Is there any chance you'll make CD copies of Black Sun Rising? I just discovered it today and LOVE it. I'd love to add it to my physical music library.

    Email me if you can;

  2. This weekend I'm planning on ordering a few copies. I'll let you know once I get them; they should be $5 including shipping (within the US)